Sensitive World

Sensitive World

beachwalkYou may wonder if you are sensitive and how you can benefit from  my programs.
First of all you don’t need to be extra sensitive to enjoy the benefits of coaching. After all everyone shares a degree of sensitivity.

But sensitives have certain characteristics in common. In order to see if you are one you can check this list.

Sensitive Relationships

couple1Sensitive people do everything with passion; of course in relationships things couldn’t be different.

To communicate and to connect with the others is the most important in sensitive life. And it’s not just a social meeting. Relationships for sensitives are extremely important; they reflect life itself and increase life quality.

Sensitives will not allow a relationship to be meaningless. Even with people we barely know we are seeking for real connection and if we don’t find it we get disappointed.


emotionsThe traditionally (not the natural) way of dealing with emotions is panic, if they are unpleasant, or trying to hold on to them if they are pleasant. In both cases we are trying to fix the emotions instead of taking their message.

The traditional way of dealing with emotions is not the right one because this way we are trying to change or cover the emotions in order to feel fine. If we feel fear, sadness or anger, we are trying to cover it so we can fit in the society.

Sensitive Children

 sensitivechildrenAbout the same percentage as grownups, if not more, the children can be sensitive. They also have the nervous system functioning differently and reacting to stimuli in a different, faster and more intensive way.

Sensitive children do not share a common characteristic in appearance, but you can recognize them because they act differently. They tend to be demanding as babies, since they feel everything very intensively they react and ask for comfort.

Sensitive Education

educationIt’s a fact that the education the way it works now in most of the world is not helpful for sensitives. Memorizing and stuffing information 5-7 hours a day sitting on a chair, and afterwards going on at home for a few more hours, is not the ideal way for a sensitive person to go through their childhood.

The reason for this education system is very practical, to form citizens, as same with each other as possible, each one knowing a part of the whole, ready for producing and consuming. To leave the responsibility to the system and not to have to decide for their lives, just to follow instructions maybe for some people is all right. Not for a sensitive though.


Sensitive People Around you

environmentAs a “normal” person (everybody is normal and the differences between us are even more normal) very often you have to deal with sensitive people, in your family, around you, friends and relatives, in your job or your business, even in the bus or the train.

Usually you feel this sensitivity because there is something you don’t understand on their behavior. Suddenly you have to deal with subjects that up to that moment were not important for you.

Sensitive Job-Career

jobOh yes this is a sensitive subject.

You are full of ideas about your ideal job, what do you want to do, how do you want to feel, and you have people around you, friends and relatives, lecturing you that you have to be grateful for the job you have now. It gives you enough money, and you don’t have to feel perfectly because many people are looking for a job like this.

But you don’t like it, makes you feel small, depressed, not accepted, not appreciated, underchallenged, even bored to death.

Sensitives in Business

business2Sensitives in business can really perform miracles. They are intuitive, full of inspiration and ideas, and visionaries. They love what they do. They have mission and purpose in life or business, they are pioneers.

Actually all people who started something new, either in business, in science or in art were sensitives.

Sensitives are the kind of people who feel responsible for what they do. They don’t need someone to force them to do what is right. Because of this they break the rules of how things have to be done and move further, since they recognize when these rules have no meaning any more for them.

Sounds ideal? It's not always like this, but the only reason is low self esteem. And the low self esteem comes from not being accepted in certain periods of life (especially childhood). 

Spiritual Growth

meditation2Spirit and sensitivity come from the same source. All the people who are connected with the spirit, all the great teachers and masters now or in the past, are sensitive.

Sensitivity is a great tool for feeling the vibrations and for allowing the gentle power of the spirit to connect with you.

But most important, the intuition and the inner guidance are inspiring big creations, ideas and changes in life. And of course a sensitive person can accept changes much more easily.

This website, since it's made for Highly Sensitive People, has been designed with dark colours and minimum information, especially moving parts. HSPs can process everything deeper and with more details, but if they have useless or even too much info they get easily tired and frustrated.