antonisMy work and life experience for being a coach was mainly influenced by being a director and assistant director for theatre, cinema, and television in Greek and international productions.

Then for more than ten years I owned an enterprise trading biological food and cosmetics, gaining invaluable experience in leading and managing a company and being the head of numerous employees.

From as long as I remember I was a good listener. My friends trusted me sharing with me their problems or plans because I did not bring my ego or my ideology in front; I was simply listening without judging if what they said was right or wrong. This side was developed more when as a director I had most excellent relationships with the actors taking out the best they had to offer, simply by directing their natural talents and giving space to their brilliance.

In 2003 I discovered the SEDONA Method, which helped me see life from another point of view. Simply by letting go of unpleasant or unwanted feelings I learned how to be calm even under difficult conditions. The biggest gain I had was that I found out about the spiritual side of life. I felt great integrating spiritual practice in my daily life and developing my intuition. I started allowing and accepting all that what before I had not felt comfortable expressing in a world that considers distress and pain mostly as the only way to live.

In Sedona, Arizona, a place full of remarkable uplifting energy that I thought could exist only in Hollywood studios, I felt the meaning of "leaving my ego in the customs office" and be free to experience what exists. I realized this precious part of me that is hidden behind fears and the false distress for the future. I came into contact with my real nature, communicating with intuition and the Universe. I began to discover the greatness in every human being, no matter how small he or she may seem to be, by just allowing what is.

Life coaching has first of all improved my own life. It helped me see what had stopped me each time I was in front of success, what programs from childhood were working when as children we had learned to give priority to grown-ups and suppress our natural mobility and curiosity to know and to conquer the world.

I also saw that by appreciating myself I could add new dimensions to my relationships. Especially with my life and business partner Theresia I found out that the splendid feelings and experiences we enjoy in our close relationship, and sometimes consider lost as years go by, are still there and are ours.

Sensitivity is something I discovered while studying to be a coach. A lady from Chicago talked to me about  Highly Sensitive People and the difference they can make in the world. My first impression of how some authors and coaches are dealing with sensitivity was to show them how to survive in an aggressive world as a sensitive. But for me being sensitive is much more: Sensitives have a gift and this gift has to be enjoyed and shared.

While I help my clients grow, I grow myself every day unfolding what I had hidden in the past to feel safe. I discover that even if this part may not look like a shining advertisement to the outer world, it is mine and it is real.

As a Business & Life Coach I work and live with my wife and two wonderful daughters in Vienna, Austria. 




This website, since it's made for Highly Sensitive People, has been designed with dark colours and minimum information, especially moving parts. HSPs can process everything deeper and with more details, but if they have useless or even too much info they get easily tired and frustrated.