Sensitive Relationships ||The passion of the sensitive people in the personal relationships

Sensitive Relationships

couple1Sensitive people do everything with passion; of course in relationships things couldn’t be different.

To communicate and to connect with the others is the most important in sensitive life. And it’s not just a social meeting. Relationships for sensitives are extremely important; they reflect life itself and increase life quality.

Sensitives will not allow a relationship to be meaningless. Even with people we barely know we are seeking for real connection and if we don’t find it we get disappointed.

The other people cannot understand this. In many cases they think that sensitives are overreacting, weak, insecure, stupid, giving too much and being depended from others. But it’s not like this. Sensitives know that a relationship is important and we are not wrong.

The reason a relationship is important is because the others are our mirrors, like a part of us and through the people around us we can discover ourselves. The others are always offering a valuable feedback with every movement, every word, every look or smile. The people, who don’t understand this importance, can make sensitives feel rejected, ignored, or abused. They can make the self-esteem go very much down.

A romantic relationship is, of course, even more important. And this is not for the reason most people think. A balanced sensitive will not create a relationship for social reasons, a relationship that is based on rules and cliches. The relationship with a lover or a possible life partner has to be real, based on love, and to be additive free. As additive I mean whatever makes a relationship less than perfect, like jealousy, demands, control or judgment.

Of course this kind of relationship is not easy to find, so what goes wrong?

It is the insecurity and the low self esteem. This makes a potential perfect soul connection to become a typical relationship that both parts torture eachother and themselves. It can make a romantic relationship to lose its real purpose, which is deep connection, and to become unnatural, full of jealousy, demands, control and fights.

What can become the heaven for a sensitive, a loving relationship that is helping self-growth, becomes a nightmare.

relationship3Through coaching we can uncover the real meaning of relationship, either it has to do with family, friends or, even more, romantic relationship and this way we can transform it to complete, whole, valuable and full of benefits for both sides.

With a healthy balanced romantic relationship you can get very close to happiness. You don’t have to control or be controlled, you don’t have to sacrifice or demand for sacrifices, you don’t have to feel jealous or be unfaithful and most important you don’t have to quit your life and your ideas. You can find the simple natural loving way of connecting with trust and appreciation.

Call me now, to find out how to make your relationship a wonderful life experience, maybe together with your partner.

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