Sensitive Environment ||How to deal with Sensitive People Around you

Sensitive People Around you

environmentAs a “normal” person (everybody is normal and the differences between us are even more normal) very often you have to deal with sensitive people, in your family, around you, friends and relatives, in your job or your business, even in the bus or the train.

Usually you feel this sensitivity because there is something you don’t understand on their behavior. Suddenly you have to deal with subjects that up to that moment were not important for you.

Of course often sensitives can not understand you, since your mind focuses on different things. One thing about sensitives though is that they can feel you. They can understand how do you feel and therefore the way you are thinking. All the sensitives had and have to deal with less sensitive so dealing with people who are different is absolutely normal for them.

Something you may not understand how it is happening and every time surprises you is that you cannot hide your emotions from your sensitive surrounding. Most of the “not so sensitive” people think that by hiding emotions and problems you will protect the people you love from getting upset or sad, or they will leave you alone until you solve the problem yourself.

But this is not happening because sensitives can feel every emotion and every vibration, depending of course on the degree of sensitivity.

If these people are aware of these emotions and vibrations, if they can understand where they are coming from, they will try to help you or silently support you.

If they are not aware, like children or oversensitive people, they will either force you to accept their help or be unpleasant to you until you solve your problem.

There are many more examples about what’s happening when you deal with sensitives. There is no recipe for solving all these issues, actually what you need to do is to understand sensitivity even if it’s not your basic characteristic. But like every person in the world you have a degree of sensitivity yourself, which you can activate to have one more common communication area.

Trying to hide from sensitives is not working, therefore it's not the solution and of course there is not just one solution.

Call me now to find out together how can I help you understand better your beloved sensitive people and also yourself through them. Also how to benefit from their intuitive insights, something that they will gladly share with you if they feel safe.

This website, since it's made for Highly Sensitive People, has been designed with dark colours and minimum information, especially moving parts. HSPs can process everything deeper and with more details, but if they have useless or even too much info they get easily tired and frustrated.