Emotions ||How Easy and how Difficult is for Sensitive Peolple to handle emotions


emotionsThe traditionally (not the natural) way of dealing with emotions is panic, if they are unpleasant, or trying to hold on to them if they are pleasant. In both cases we are trying to fix the emotions instead of taking their message.

The traditional way of dealing with emotions is not the right one because this way we are trying to change or cover the emotions in order to feel fine. If we feel fear, sadness or anger, we are trying to cover it so we can fit in the society.

Emotions in nature are tools for finding your way. Some emotions are calling for action, for example fear is calling for running away or hiding in front of danger.

In our culture fear comes often without a natural danger. The danger is in our mind. It is the fear of tomorrow, the fear of failure, the fear that we will be left alone. Although it’s not natural and it doesn’t have a direct connection to our life, it’s still a tool that helps us take the right direction.

If for example you have stress this means that there is something that you have to change on your way of thinking. Fear of the future, fear of something that may happen is not natural. It is just the fear of a fictional enemy who may or may not come.

Another powerful emotion is anger. It always has a reason, real or fictional, but since we have to be legal or again fit to society, we are trying to supress it. This way we have another source of stress from non accepted emotion.

So instead of trying to cover the emotions with television, food, drugs, sex, alcohol, even caffeine sometimes so we can get out of the emotional state, or any other substance, what we need is to find out how can we change the way of dealing with them, and how to let go of all the illusions and the imaginary enemies that we are afraid of.

Connection with the emotions means connection with the higher tools we have in our hands, inspiration and intuition.

Also means connection with our great tool, our mind. As long as we can use it for planning, for solving problems and for having fun it is an incredible tool. If we use it for inventing enemies and troubles then we turn it to a curse.

The sensitives have a natural connection with emotions, but because of the way we grow up we become extremely disconnected. The fears and the stress seem more powerful on us. Something that seems fearful to others seems like a nightmare to us.

Call me now to help you connect with your incredible tools, your emotions, so you can be again in alignment with yourself and your life purpose.


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