The Traps of a Sensitive Person in Business

The Traps of a Sensitive Person in Business

samson3The biggest traps in business if you are highly sensitive (hsp) are the programs that run in the back of your head. Sensitive people develop these programs because they tend to believe everything when they are children, and they are very vulnerable to judgment and abuse.
On the other hand the greatest gifts of a sensitive person in business are, inspiration, intuition, love for adventure, exploring and creating new business opportunities.
As you can see there are many more gifts than traps, so why the failure is so possible to happen?
These little programs can cause one of the worse enemies to a sensitive business person, and this is low self-esteem.

A sensitive child is very likely to be judged or teased by parents, teachers or relatives, because when a sensitive child explores the world and life, develops ideas that are not being understood by everyone. Although these ideas can be the seeds of a future genius, they sound very silly to the people who have an established view of the world (you know, fear of life and the future). And of course they will not miss a chance to express this. You know this pattern, when someone doesn’t understand something tries to show that the one who does is stupid. A sensitive child is a very easy target.

The result is that this child will not feel safe getting out in life.
Of course will grow up, will develop a lot of abilities, all these gifts will come up and help the sensitive person to, not only survive but live an extraordinary life.
Until the mind programs appear and sabotages everything.
This sabotage can take many forms. Stopping an action that leads to success, creating the conditions for failure, fighting with partners or persons that are keys to success, bringing the ego in front and destroying everything that has been created up to that point, even start suffering from a depression for no obvious reason.

I heard this story about Richard, a very good and sincere businessman, who had all the knowledge and the strength to build up a business and make it successful.
But every time he reached the point of breaking through to real success something happened that brought major financial losses and even lead to bankruptcy.

He hired a business coach who helped him uncover the limiting programs that were working in his subconscious mind: his father had died from a heart attack at the peak of his business success. Richard was child then, and his subconscious mind had connected his father’s success with his death. So, in order to stay alive himself, he needed to sabotage his business. Once he could see these connections he could let go of this limiting program and move on.

So this is not the end of the world. Programs patterns and limiting beliefs have power only as long as you ignore them. The moment you look at them and recognize them they start dissolving. And in the case of Richard a coach was the perfect help to help him see these little problems that caused a lot of damage.

The most important is that you cannot see these programs with bare eye. You can see only the results in your business and your life, and then it’s usually too late.
You need tools in order to see them in time, and coaching is the best tool.



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