Who runs your business?

Who runs your business?

driverI can hear you saying loud “But of course me!”
Maybe you will even be offended that someone asks this question.

Well it’s not sure that you are running your business, and this is very dangerous.
Who is in charge? Different programs, subconscious thoughts and beliefs, guilt, fear, selfishness, insecurity, the need to prove your value, your parents most probably, anyway the chance that you yourself are running your business is very small.

Sounds terrible? It is. Just see how many businesses close, because there is nobody there to take care of them. According to Michael Gerber (The E-Myth Revisited) 40% of the small business will close during the first year and 80% in the first five years. And after that, 80% of the surviving businesses will close down during the next five years. This means about 4% of all small businesses are still alive after 10 years; and by what means?

Are all these people incapable of keeping business in order? No, but it’s not them who run the business. It is all the mind programs I was mentioning before. They usually just stay frozen and watch.

Especially when you are a highly sensitive businessperson, and you have all these great ideas, inspiration and abilities, it’s really a shame, to see your creation (business in this case) being ruined by seemingly uncontrollable patterns.

To run a small business or a profession does not require huge effort, or sacrifices. If you still believe that this is the way just stop it now and call a coach.

The Coaching way is completely different. And you can see that in the countries where Business Coaching is highly developed, things are getting better. Of course you have to be sure that the Business Coach is also Life Coach, or else you will hire a Business Consultant.

Business Coaching can really make the difference. We work on the business, and most important, we work on the business owner, and the people in this business, which is the opposite of consulting where they just give you a list of actions that you have to perform, without asking you if you want or if you can do them.

Business Coaching helps you remove the responsibility from all these programs and beliefs and makes you the absolute responsible for your inspiration and your success. You can finally be the boss in your company, and the leader and inspiration for your employees.



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