Getting ready for school

Getting ready for school

flower girlOnce upon a time there was a little girl
One day her parents realized that she started behaving strangely. She started acting like a baby, defending herself against everything and everyone, crying for no real reason, talking with baby voice, and also showing this impatience that little children show when they expect something exciting to happen.

This behavior was getting more intensive and more obvious as the days were passing so they decided to ask a psychologist.

The mother called the psychologist to arrange for a date, and he asked a few questions on the phone.
-Isn’t your girl very clever and very responsible usually?
Isn’t she generally very polite and very kind to the people?
Doesn’t she understand things easily when there is no pressure?
The mother said that all these things he asked are true, that’s why it’s difficult for them to understand her behavior.

-Well, he said, there is nothing wrong with your daughter; she is just getting ready for school.
The father was also listening next to his wife, so they were both confused.
-What do you mean?
-It’s just a survival thing; she has to play a role in school because she is afraid of being rejected. She is very clever and others may be afraid of her, so she plays the role of the less clever, in order to survive. The other children may feel insecure or threatened; although I believe that the usual problem is not so much the other children but the teacher.

They stayed silent for a moment, so the psychologist said:
-The only difference between someone who is very clever and someone who is less clever is that the one who is cleverer knows there is no difference.

A few more moments of silence and the mother asked,
-Yes but why does she act like this without reason even when she doesn’t have to get ready for school?
-She does have an older brother or sister, doesn’t she?

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