Do you feel threatened?

Do you feel threatened?

desperationThis is especially for sensitives.
Do you think that everyone around you is a potential threat? Do you observe that they never offer you what you want or need in your life? Do you allow your thoughts and emotions to be dominated by the fear, the negativity, and ultimately the hate against people who never take care of you and they just want to abuse you?

Well let’s reverse the question. What are you offering?
What are the excellence and the greatness that you offer to the world, that you offer to the people around you (when you don’t defend yourself from what’s threatening you)?

Dear sensitive, the fear that you feel and the anger about the people who don’t respect you or who are against you, keeps you busy from fulfilling your life dreams and purpose.
Sensitive people have so much to offer.
The problem is that because of all these things that you have been told, especially as child, all these words that told you who you are and you believed them made you think that you are worthless.

If you were worthless you wouldn’t have been here.

All this “knowledge” about what and who you are needs to be removed. Start by not believing a word from what they tell you, they have told you and what you keep telling to yourself.
The options are:
1) You will remain a poor victim of other people all your life.
2) You will come out with all your strength and your value and lighten up the world.

They are both possible, which one do you prefer?



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