One million promises

One million promises

carrotI noticed the last days the great difference between the period after the summer holidays and the rest of the year.
At the end of August people are in good mood, full of hopes about their jobs, their relationships. They are ready to open up and expand their lives.
I also noticed that people get up early and go to their job in time, or even earlier.
Another thing that happens now, right after the summer, is that people give lots of promises. Promises about new projects, about giving money, about moving a relationship into a new level, about being in good mood this year, and many more. And they are ready to keep them.
As the winter comes there is a chain reaction of broken promises. The first people who start feeling tired break their promises and slowly one after the other people get disappointed, unreliable and at the end they disappoint everyone around them.
The whole chain ends next summer where new hopes will come and new promises will be given… and broken.

This is a phenomenon of the unconscious living. We all hope for the best but don’t do anything to make it happen. And although we know from all the previous years what is happening, again and again we give and we break promises. And it’s like giving bad checks, which is exactly what we have received from others.

We have a chance to make our lives better by stop promising things we cannot offer in order to make others feel better, or even better, stop promising at all. And the most important is to stop asking for promises from others, in any level, professional or personal.



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