Honor your flame

Honor your flame

fireguy2This is something only highly sensitive people will understand and not all of them.
Inner fire is the main ingredient of an HSP, the passion for life; the meaning of life itself is this fire.
The reason that not all of the sensitive people will understand this is because many HSPs learned to protect themselves and play roles in order to survive. This is not conscious; it’s happening automatically and depends on the childhood experiences. Yes these again!

While for “normal” people life is simple; planning, acting, reacting, avoiding, a series of things based on Newtonian laws about cause and effect, everything has an explanation and it is always the simplest and most obvious one, for sensitive people the Newtonian laws are not that valid. There is not always a reason for doing something, and if there is it cannot be explained. Intuition, inspiration, seeking for joy, getting excited for what is different and more interesting, going for the real thing and not for the obvious these are the motivations.
This is the flame and it’s really burning.

Now what happens is that many sensitive people get involved with the “normal” ones, either in business or in life.
A business partner who looks at things the mechanistic way will never understand your fire. Will never understand how is it possible to have the intuition as motivation. Will never support your irrational way of thinking and your crazy ideas.
You from your side will never understand how is it possible people to see life in such a boring and meaningless way.

Same thing happens in a life relationship. Friends or lovers, even more, life partners, will have the best excuses to make you feel stupid for your choices, for your needs, for your ideas. Unfortunately it’s quite common.
You have a fire that leads to the ultimate joy if it’s honored and to the ultimate pain if it’s ignored or rejected. Doesn’t need to be explained and proved.

Many sensitives think that they are not ok and they have to change themselves in order to fit, but this is not the point. You don’t have to put out the fire just because they can’t take it.

My advice, be yourself, honor your flame. And if you see that people around you don’t honor it, don’t even accept it no matter how hard you try, find other people. It’s that simple.



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