What to do if you suddenly feel like a victim

What to do if you suddenly feel like a victim

sad1I guess you all know the feeling, especially the highly sensitive and this for two reasons, because we feel more and because they know that we feel more.

So let's say that something happens in a moment that you don't feel flexible and one of your plans goes down the drain, let's say facebook rejects some project of yours. And you feel completely helpless, in the mercy of some authority or someone who is in better conditions than you, or so you think.
(The "so you think" is because when someone else feels like a victim they would love to make you feel the same, so they are not in better condition).

There are a few things you can learn to do in these cases, to make things lighter and to be able to get out of this situation fast.

1. Enjoy the feeling. Let's face it, when you feel like a victim all the responsibilities are gone. You are in the hands of fate, or the monstrous victimizer, and you don't have to do anything, just relax in your situation and, of course, your terribly delightful feelings. Of course you remind to yourself that this is not a real situation, but first you have to know it yourself.

2. Make fun with it. Find all the funny aspects of your condition, invent some too, and laugh, either alone or with people around you. If your humor includes the person who made you a victim, even better, you will not only go higher in your own eyes but in theirs too.

3. Don't do anything for a while. Unless there is a life-death situation, you can just relax and give time to yourself to do nothing, about the thing you lost or anything else.

4. Allow a reset for your plan. Often when something goes wrong, and we become victims, there is a sign that something is wrong with this plan. Re-think and re-plan.

5. Get very angry. If after all the previous steps you feel terribly and you need to have a victim yourself, don't use a real one, or if there is a real one then just pretend. Close your eyes and think of all the terrible things you want to do to this person. And I mean all of them, even the most dirty. Enjoy this too, like it's real. You will see how fast the whole thing will go away.

Of course you have the usual ways, like go out for a walk, talk to your coach or your best friend, persist on your plan until you manage, but these are too obvious and we all know how to do them. Or do we?

But whatever you do, don't panic... and if you panic just enjoy that too.



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