There is no greater wisdom than being what you really are

There is no greater wisdom than being what you really are

wisdom2In our society we learn that wisdom, or rather smartness is to manage to be someone who you are not. In the family, the school, among friends, in the profession or job, everyone tries to prove that they are someone else. Some role model who's achievements are trying to reach.
But there is a great difference between doing what someone else does and being someone else!

Being someone or something else, takes away the energy and the strength that what you really are has. Your unique powers and smartness that nature gave you from your birth.
A highly sensitive for example has so many abilities and special powers that this sensitivity gives. It can be a unique way of thinking that gives great ideas about art or science, it can be the love for the world or the people, it can be the persistence for reaching a goal.
But most important is the ongoing and constant connection with intuition and inspiration that gives a non ending amount of information and ideas.

The reason I use the words "what you really are" and not "who you really are" is because I want to include also the natural state, mindset or characteristics, like sensitivity.

If you lost the ability to be what or who you are, because you have abused it throughout the years, there are always ways to reconnect and regain it. But this means that you have to abandon what you think you are and you might need some help with this



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