3 ways we deal with Important, Urgent, and Comfortable

3 ways we deal with Important, Urgent, and Comfortable

What makes people to be effective or ineffective is the way they manage time, resources, and energy according to their importance. Most of the people divide them into Urgent and Important. I think that a lot of time flies away on Comfortable activities.

Let's first talk about the ones we are used to discuss. The important activities are the ones that directly or indirectly have an outcome for you and your business, a goal achievement, a strategic plan, even a few days of rest to gain new energy.

The urgent activities are the ones that need immediate attention. To pay a bill, to help someone in your family who has health problems, to put some order in your computer, your desk, your office. The trouble with all those urgent activities is that when the day is gone you don't feel that something really useful has happened. On the other hand if you take a few minutes to write an inspired article, a whole day or a few days to work on a business plan, a strategy, making your website more effective or on rebuilding your relationship with your life partner, you might feel that there are still so many urgent things to be taken care of.

Here you have three options. 1) You quit the important and keep doing urgent activities, leaving your business or your personal relationships to rot. 2) You want to stay to the important but you delay it with starting doing comfortable activities, like checking your emails again and again, looking at Xing and Facebook if something new happened, starting a small talk with the employees or the clients. Time passes and you have the excuse "there is not enough time for this important activity today, I will do it tomorrow". 3) You stick to your decision, turn off your mobile phone and share a wonderful time with your life partner or your business future.

Staying with the important implies a secret guilt. The way we were raised and our schools taught us is that we have to take care of the urgent. This is not just a coincidence; it's not that our teachers, our parents or the priests know only the urgent as important. IT IS DESIGNED THIS WAY. The education system has this purpose.

Pushing information in our brain and not giving time for developing a mind with common sense, free thinking and strategic planning for life and business. It is on purpose. Our decision, even if we left school many years ago, is to change this, reflect and let go of this guilt. It's not a natural feeling, it's put there artificially and the only use it has is not for our good. Is for someone else's good.

So it's very important to change this limiting way of thinking. We have to learn to stay to the important even if the world is burning around us. It is our purpose and the reason we are here. And if this guilt insists just ask for help. A coach or a master mind group are your best friends because they will support you to let go of this guilt by reminding you your value and your life purpose all the time, while other people we consider as friends will push us to the comfortable activities. (Let's go for a beer and talk about it). Just ask for support.

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