You don’t need to try hard in order to be Grateful

You don’t need to try hard in order to be Grateful

I often see people trying hard and using techniques, because they heard someone saying that they need to be grateful. Most probably they didn’t hear the whole message, just the gratitude part.

The reason most people are not grateful is because they are afraid of life. And this is not happening only if life is difficult, there are people who have everything in life, but they act as if they need to struggle. This is an inner pattern.

If you see life as an adventure, as a trip, or as a game, if you see it as a chance to have fun, to learn, to grow, then you can be grateful for everything that comes to you. Because if you win you can be happy, if you lose you can learn. If you succeed you can enjoy the benefits, if you don’t you can have new experiences by trying new ways. If you are lucky you can have everything easily, if you’re unlucky you can learn new ways to do things. If things don’t come easily you can get wiser, see new aspects of life, meet interesting people, find ways to feel better.

I remember a graffiti saying “don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out alive”.

Stop now and reflect what is your way if seeing life. Comment on this post and let’s share opinions. And, most important, see what can you do in order to feel better with your life.



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