Some professionals promise great changes in your life and after failure they blame you because you didn’t follow the instructions properly.

Maybe they are right but this is only part of the truth.

If they promise the easy solution, the one that you don’t have to move your finger and everything will change miraculously, well they just lie.

If you are in trouble you will keep being busy taking care of your trouble. Haven't you seen people in depression being tired all day although often they seem to do nothing at all? They just get exhausted with the activity of the mind.

So if they promise you great outcomes without inner change just dont buy.

Inner work is the most important, and here you have to work!

It’s not hard work; actually it is lighter than having your mind running automatically and taking care of troubles.


Our mind is often loaded with useless programs and beliefs, most of them coming from our childhood. So every time we try to achieve some goal these scripts just lead us to sabotage our success.

Trying to achieve goals, to create something or to be successful takes a lot of energy and gives very poor results. If you get rid of all these patterns some results are coming automatically, some others are not important.

After all none of these programs is yours, you just “wear” them in order to fit in. This is what you were taught.


Ask for help, it’s getting much easier to let go of all these if you have a “mirror”, someone to give you feedback and lead you to your success, and, most important, to help you live your own life, effortlessly and guilt free.





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