You can come out now, nobody burns witches anymore!

You can come out now, nobody burns witches anymore!

which witchThe witch hunting is officially over and most people know that. Of course there are still some, who try to “clean up” the world from whatever is different, or, should I say, from what they don’t understand or like, but I think that these people are getting less and less dangerous.


The past decades witch hunting was quite common. Everyone who was thinking differently, everyone who had different ideas about the world, family, religion, the way of thinking and expressing, had to be burned. Metaphorically or literally; often both ways.


Sensitive people by nature have a different way of thinking and expressing themselves. When I talk about sensitivity I mean the delicate and precise way they feel and understand the world, just like a super sensitive instrument. People who have this ability cannot think conventionally unless they have been abused as children because they were different, something that happened a lot in the past.


Today, although there are some people who are afraid of the different and the independent, you can freely express yourself. The worst thing that can happen to you is that someone may tell you that your ideas destroy the society.


But why does this judgment or a verbal attack bother you and make you go back into your shell?

Expecting everyone to accept you is utopia. Even if you are the most pleasant person in the world some people will not like you or be against you.


Is it possible that you have the enemy installed inside you?


The easy solution is to search whose fault is it that you are afraid and close yourself up: the past, the way you grew up, the school… Even if you’re right, even if it is like this don’t not fall into the trap of recycling guilt.


Now you are here, a witch or a wizard, in a time where Harry Potter is a star. It is the perfect moment to deal with fears and negativities of the past, when you were not allowed to exist your way.


Stop searching for someone to accuse so you can stop passing the problem to the next generation (if you are a parent). Observe yourself to see what bothers you and face it as equal. Deal with it, let it go and get out in the world to share with us your wonderful ideas.


If you have difficulties in this process and in believing that your ideas are wonderful and that you worth much more than you were told, let’s discuss about it.






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