Mission ||Dream, Vision, Purpose

Mission, Dream, Vision, Purpose

The world works in a way that people are living lives with wrong "operation manual". That means people live the life they are not made for.

Sensitivity is an attribute like being genious, lucky or beautiful, and every attribute offers something to the one who has it and to the world.

In order to turn your attribute to a gift for yourself and the others, you need to feel good with it and accept it as it is.

My mission is to help highly sensitive people find their real "operation manual", that means to explore and accept their sensitivity and feel good in it.

My mission is to help you, exactly as others helped me, to turn your sensitivity from weakness to strength and from obstacle to power and advantage.

My mission is to support highly sensitive people who have been abused, one way or the other, therefore some parts of them were not able to grow, to embrace these parts and help them grow naturally and feel again like complete persons.

My dream is to inspire highly sensitive people to wake up from their conventional lives and live fully offering their gift to the world.

My vision is to make sensitive people find their position in the world and become the guides and the leaders for the new era, an era of lightness, progress, acceptance and understanding.

My ultimate vision is this world to be a free place, because if the highly sensitive people are in their real position they can teach and lead towards this direction.

My purpose as sensitive person myself, is to contribute together with all the highly sensitive people and also with everyone who has a special gift to share, to make this world a better place and everyone to have the chance to gain inner freedom and happiness.

This website, since it's made for Highly Sensitive People, has been designed with dark colours and minimum information, especially moving parts. HSPs can process everything deeper and with more details, but if they have useless or even too much info they get easily tired and frustrated.